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Gina Picinic’s new album titled “Ča bin ja da te niman” is a celebration of her 10th year anniversary of her singing career. It includes ten original songs and two bonus features never heard before. Since they are available for a limited time only, go and get this wonderful album that was dedicated to all of Gina’s fans. Furthermore, since the holidays are approaching, this new album can be a great gift idea.

 Therefore, the album can be purchased directly through Gina’s e-mail at Jivancinova1@aol.com. The CD is only $20.00 (+ shipping and handling). In addition, the album is available for purchase at the "Dubrovnik" store in Fairview.




To all my Fans,


I want to thank all my fans for supporting me in the music career these past 10 years. It has truly been an honor to be able to reach so many hearts and in various parts of the world. I can honestly say I have been blessed to have this opportunity to be able to sing my heart and have you, my fans, understand my life history though this beautiful music which has been created.  My wonderful fans, I will forever keep you in my heart and soul. 

 With Love,

Gina Picinic





Another MIK Triumph!

 At MIK 2011 festival, Gina's song was voted #3 (among 20) by MIK audience...


                               ... following the #2 placement at the same festival in 2010