Population: about 20


View from the north


View from the west


Closer view from the west


Southern (main) Gate



St. Mary's Church and town Loggia


The two streets of Hum: Northern and Southern Streets


One of the well maintained & still inhabited houses


... and one of the half-maintainde


The steeple - beautiful from all sides


Eastern Gate (?)



Like many towns & villages throughout Istria, Hum has its share of abandoned buildings



Birds find home and nice bird view on the roofs and in the walls



Located at short distance from town walls and buildings is the cemetery with St. Jerolim chruch.

I read on a talk forum that if you want to enter the cemetery

you have to obtain the key at "Humska konoba" (good place to have a meal too)




... if you want to enter the St. Mary's Chruch ask for the key at the above address.

Easy to find - the world's smallest town isn't that big!


Hum is full of Glagolithic encryptions and quotes. This one is from "Istarski razvod"